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Hypnotherapy Training Courses: Clinical Hypnotherapy Training: Scotland, UK The School is a leading provider of quality hypnotherapy training both at  Diploma  and postgraduate course levels.

Our desire is to continue to provide, with integrity and compassion, quality training in peaceful surroundings.

Short courses, vocational and non-vocational, are also offered.

We would advise you not to apply for a place on one of our hypnotherapy training courses until you fully satisfy yourself that we can provide you with the requisite skills for recognition as a competent hypnotherapist. 

Take some time to browse our site or, if you would rather, phone us on 01369-820172 or email  for a prospectus.

We offer diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, continuing professional development and hypnotherapy training upgrade courses, postgraduate hypnotherapy training courses for NSPH and non NSPH members. Introductory hypnotherapy training and non-vocational courses here in Argyll.

You might like to consider coming to a taster day (run at various venues) or a residential taster weekend where you can sample the accommodation and ambience. Enjoy an ‘Introduction to Hypnotherapy’.

Please note this site has NO association with the ‘Scottish Academy of Hypnosis’. Always be vigilant.  Do check any unsubstantiated claims made on any website.  Please see our FAQ’s on Questions to ask course providers’.


Next course in Argyll (1½ hour drive from Glasgow)

May 15th from 6pm, 17th & 18th 2015



To constantly strive to raise and uphold standards
of training in the hypnotherapy profession and to
promote hypnotherapy as an effective and viable
complementary intervention.

The Scottish School of Hypnotherapy ltd offers
professional, unique and life changing training.

In 2013 the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy will celebrate 25 years as one of the foremost hypnotherapy qualifications, in the UK, and continues to go from strength to strength.

Fully recognised and accredited training and many, many satisfied graduates......

COURSE COST: £275 including refreshments

Find out more and how to apply.


To provide guidance to individuals interested in hypnotherapy in order that they can make an informed course choice.


  • What is Hypnosis?
  • History of Hypnosis
  • Stage v Therapy
  • Can I be hypnotised
  • Suggestion Therapy
  • Hypnoanalytical Techniques
  • Past Life Regression
  • Applications of Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy as a career
  • Course options
  • Accrediting Bodies
  • Choosing a hypnotherapist
  • Visualisations & Relaxation


What we offer:

  • A PROFESSIONAL & COMPLETE QUALIFICATION – accredited and recognised for insurance purposes
  • PROVEN HISTORY OF SUCCESS – see our testimonials
  • EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT both during training and on graduation
  • LIMITED NUMBERS to ensure personal interaction with tutors
  • COMPREHENSIVE FEEDBACK on all work submitted
  • CONVENIENT TIMETABLING – suitable for students travelling from abroad
  • A UNIQUE TRAINING EXPERIENCE – providing the opportunity for considerable self development
  • AN OPPORTUNITY to develop a lifelong peer support group
  • RECOGNITION by the major industry lead bodies

Hypnotherapy training courses at all levels; introductory, Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy training and postgraduate hypnotherapy training. Practitioner level training courses offered at the school are accredited by:

  • The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
  • National Council Psychotherapists
  • The Hypnotherapy Association
  • UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations

This therapist has contributed a quality, original article to the Journal of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists

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