About the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy

All training is carried out by fully experienced tutors, supplemented by specialist lecturers and visiting practising hypnotherapists.



KATE MCEWEN BA(Hons)  - Director & Principal Trainer

  • Member of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists (MNSPH)
  • Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist - General Hypnotherapy Register (SQHP)
  • Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP)
  • Member of the Hypnotherapy Association
  • Expert columnist for Positive Health magazine

Kate has been in practice as a hypnotherapist, in partnership with John McEwen, since 1999 during which time she has been privileged to work with thousands of clients.  

Personal experience of the effectiveness of hypnotherapy had resulted in a mid life change of career. She trained under the astute guidance, and inestimable experience, of Vicki Watson, Founder member of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists

Kate continues to practice as a partner in B9 Hypnotherapy, Argyll.

In 2004, with a back ground in lecturing spanning 22 years, Kate took over the training remit for the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists and continues to uphold the high standards of training demanded by the Society and other accrediting bodies.

Her experience in further and higher education provided her with substantial credentials for this role.  Much of her previous work involved counselling and support work both for students and as a Mentor for other lecturers undergoing teacher training.

As a senior lecturer, she also participated in curriculum and assessment procedure development and the maintenance of educational standards within the establishments in which she worked, as well as being employed as an external course and unit verifier and on course validation panels for the Scottish Qualifications Authority.


  • Member of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists (MNSPH)
  • Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist - General Hypnotherapy Register (SQHP)
  • Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP)
  • Former Chairman of the Advisory Council of the NSPH
  • Partner and practising Hypnotherapist at B9 Hypnotherapy, Argyll

Over his working life John gained extensive experience in both industry and commerce, but significantly, for over twenty-two years worked in the Scottish Ambulance Service, most of that time functioning as a Senior Officer, in a variety of roles and at many different locations.

During this time, John was in charge of the Service's response to some of the worst disasters in Scotland, in recent years. Experience gained at tragedies, such as Lockerbie and Dunblane and the rail crashes at Belgrove and Newton has meant that John came to be recognised as an expert on Disaster Management, and its consequences.

In sharing this experience with others, John was a regular external lecturer at the Home Office Emergency Planning College at Easingwold and less frequently at University College London and Keele University.

Growing out of this experience, and with substantial and prolonged access to those workers in emergency services who had been exposed, not only to major disasters, but also to the endless small, personal tragedies which is the day to day duty of Paramedics and others, John became interested in clinical hypnosis primarily as a tool which might help to "treat" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). John trained with Vicki Watson at the then Twa Acres Hypnotherapy Training Centre in Blairgowrie, and, after graduation, set up in full time practice with Kate Scott (now McEwen) at Corsebar Hypnotherapy Centre in Paisley.

John was also a former member and Chairman of the Advisory Council of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists (NSPH).


Sean Quinn RMN, RGN, MNSPH

Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist

Sean qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse and Registered General Nurse before completing a one year Diploma Course in Child and Family Psychiatry, including formal training in psychotherapy and counselling.
He practiced in this special field of psychiatry for 14 years working both in Scotland and England before being promoted to Director of Nursing Services, Mental Health Lothian Health Board.

On retiring from the Health Service, he completed formal training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is registered with, and past chairman of, the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists.

"It is the error of our day in the treatment of the human body that the physicians separate the soul from the body" - Plato


GLORIA MURRAY BA, FAIA, AFA of Murray Associates

Gloria is the Senior Partner in Murray Associates and has extensive knowledge of providing accountancy services and business advice for small businesses.

Gloria provides, for the students, information and advice on essential record keeping for business planning and tax requirements. She also presents the many forms required for, and explains the processes involved in, business start-up.

Murray Associates offer a service tailored to your specific needs.


COSCA Registered.

Stan is a registered healer and hypnotherapist. With a strong interest in complementary medicine research he is a published author and, with eighteen years experience of listening to patients, is COSCA registered. Also a thought field therapy practitioner he is in private practice in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Trained by Vicki Watson at the original Twa Acres Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Centre, Blairgowrie, in 1994 he serves as a member of the Advisory Council for the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists and is an External Supervisor for the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists.

You can contact Stan at -



The original Twa Acres Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Centre was founded by Vicki Watson in 1978 with the Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course, as a natural progression, coming into existence in 1989.

Vicki had spent over twenty years in general and intensive care nursing as a registered general nurse, before finally deciding to make her long standing involvement in hypnotherapy known and, having completed a training course in England, began practicing as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Many years previously as a young student nurse Vicki was privileged to witness hypnosis being instrumental in helping save a young girl's life. This triggered her interest in the subject and encouraged extensive study into the phenomena of hypnosis as a very effective treatment modality.

Vicki's contribution to hypnotherapy and its uses is such that, apart from being interviewed on local and national Radio & Television, Vicki has been guest speaker at Dundee University Medical Society Annual Symposium and Abertay University. She also had a number of articles on hypnotherapy published in various magazines including Scottish Nurse.

She lectured on a regular basis to student nurses at the University of Dundee School of Nursing & Midwifery and to Perth Palliative Care Course nurses on the role hypnosis can play in the control of chronic pain in the Health Service.

Vicki’s late husband, Neil had a deep involvement in hypnotherapy having been closely involved in the setting up and running of the original Twa Acres Clinical Hypnotherapy Course and was a Co-Founder of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists (NSPH). He worked tirelessly in his position as NSPH Secretary to promote the interests of the NSPH.


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