Still interested in finding out more about hypnotherapy training?

Put your toe in the water before committing to large outlays.

Make sure that whatever choice you make is an ‘INFORMED’ one!


  • May 16th (eve. only), 17th & 19th (residential weekend)
  • September 12th (eve. only), 13th & 14th (residential weekend)



  • Jan 16th (eve. only), 17th & 18th (residential weekend)
  • Feb 21st – one day taster – Aberdeen (venue to be confirmed)
  • May 15th (eve. only), 16th & 17th (residential weekend)
  • September 11th (eve. only), 12th & 13th (residential weekend)


All courses are run at the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy, Glendaruel unless otherwise stated.

For further dates contact us on 01369-820172.



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