What we Offer

The Scottish School of Hypnotherapy, located in timeless Glendaruel, offers quality hypnotherapy training at:

Taster Weekends

No need to commit to practitioner training until you have sampled what we have to offer........

The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy is the school’s flag ship course and students electing to undertake this qualification have the opportunity to absorb the requisite knowledge, confidence and competence to become effective clinical hypnotherapists.

The diploma courses are comprehensive. Supervised, practical training followed by intense study ensures that graduates are equipped to practise immediately they reach are accepted as members of the NSPH, at the end of Part 4.

The material includes valuable elements ,drawn from an eclectic mix of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or CBC (Cognitive Behavioural Counselling), psychotherapy and neuro-psychotherapy, which are subsumed into the hypnotherapeutic approach.

Graduates do not require ‘advanced’ training as the basic course provides all the requisite skills to practise.  Continuing professional development (CPD), however, is an ongoing requirement of membership of the professional associations and a number of postgraduate weekends are offered each year.

The course ensures that successful students are adept in the art of suggestion therapy and also have the skills necessary to implement hypnoanalytical techniques and manage abreactions.

Although not all schools are inclined to the psychodynamic approach, training students to be able to utilise skills in these areas is fundamental to all, legitimate, hypnotherapy training courses and any individual, designating themselves ‘hypnotherapist’, should have had this experience prior to practise.

All practical sessions are implemented on a one-to-one basis, students working with and on each other in individual practice rooms equipped with recliners and audio equipment and constantly supervised

So why not take a moment to imagine how it would feel to commence your study of hypnotherapy in the tranquil environment of the West Highlands.

Whether you are seeking a change of direction in life or career, or simply the opportunity to explore your inner self, the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy can provide what you seek.

But why take our word for it.  Take a taster course and sample for yourself what we offer!


How will you feel when you become aware that you have grown and developed in mind, body and spirit, surrounded by beauty and wildlife?

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